Nails. Green and Red Glitters

Since i’m pregnant i have the strongest nails i’ve ever had! It is much more fun to do some nail art because it doesn’t chip off after one day and it dries quicker. And because Christmas is coming up i wanted to show you another Christmas nail art. The last one was quite hard and took a lot of patience. This one is super easy and took me about 10 minutes total.
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Update On My New Blogging Schedule.


Hi guys, here’s a quick update. I’ve decided i will post an blog post every 3 days. I am super tired and feeling like shit due to the pregnancy and the throwing up. I have already lost too much weight and since i have an extremely sensitive gagging reflex i just want to lay in bed all day and sleep, haha. I wouldn’t survive the day without my naps! I hope i will be back to the ‘one post a day’ schedule in February 2015, but for now i will only upload one post every three days, maybe more if i’m feeling better. Hope you don’t mind! I will still be uploading two more Christmas nail arts and at least one Christmas makeup look. :)


Lot’s of love.  :love:

Review & Swatches. Essence How To Make Brows Wow!

I have been using the same brow products since i can remember, but when Essence decided to put this great makeup box on the market i couldn’t resist. Even if i wouldn’t use it, the packaging would look very cute on my makeup table. I was also very curious about the variation of colors. If you have very light brow hairs it is almost impossible to get your hands on a budget brow powder. This box by Essence contains multiple colors so this might be your perfect match!
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First Impression. Soap And Gift Shop


Voor het eerst sinds lange tijd weer eens een Nederlands artikel van mijn hand. Niet zozeer omdat ik geen zin heb om dit in het Engels te schrijven, maar omdat het me leuker leek voor dit soort artikel. Het gaat namelijk om een pakketje dat ik heb gewonnen bij Soap and Gift Shop. Dit is een Nederlandse webshop vol met lekkere douche en bad spulletjes, maar ook kaarsen en waxmelts. Benieuwd wat ik heb gewonnen en wat mijn eerste indruk was van deze producten? Lees dan snel verder!
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Personal. We’re Having A Baby. ❤

I have always said that i wanted to have my first child before i was 25 years old. Dennis knew that, but he didn’t want to become a dad between now and 2 years. But now i am pregnant, planned, and we are both so very happy! I want to give you guys a first pregnancy update. There are more to come, but i don’t want to do one every week since i own a beauty blog and not a pregnancy/baby blog. So how did it go? Don’t worry, i won’t discuss the details.
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Review & Swatches. Essence Blush Up!

When i was on vacation in Italy i bought these two blushes. They are also sold in the Netherlands, but i only brought a blush stick and wanted some powdered blush as well. It was a bit disappointing that there weren’t any products that aren’t available in the Netherlands, but i did bought something from Pupa.
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